Tasteful boudoir

Tasteful Boudoir Photography

boudoir shoot with Lense Perfect Photography is a great way to show off you, to a loved one, capture your amazing body just before your wedding, milestone event or just because you want to.

Why do a boudoir Photoshoot

It Makes a Great Gift for your Husband / Boyfriend / Girlfriend or Significant Other

Imagine, the look on your partners face when you surprise them with a photo album filled with sensuous pictures of the one they love!

Celebrate a Milestone

Have an anniversary coming up, special birthday, getting married, or just scored a well-deserved promotion? Celebrate you!!

OR…JUST BECAUSE … You Love Yourself

You are the only one who needs to know the “why”. Do what you want for the reason you want!

Adding to your business portfolio

Working in the adult industry? Refreshing your portfolio images is a great way to build on your business.

Who will be taking my photos

With both male and female photographers, Lense Perfect Photography is your perfect choice for your boudoir, nude, or erotic glamour photography


What do I wear?

Come to the shoot wear clothing that is loose and comfortable. For the shoot bring an good selection of beautiful lingerie (two or single piece), perhaps your partners business shirt, tie etc.. What ever you wear you will look amazing. Trust us !

Do you have female photographers?

Yes we have both male and female photographers. Both are experienced in boudoir and nude shoots. If you prefer a female to photograph you please ask.

What type of photographs will I receive?

You will receive a range of photographs depending on your preference. For all shoots you will receive Hi- resolution Jpegs perfect for printing on Canvas, magazines or in a photo album.

Can I choose the location?

Yes you can. We generally like to shoot in an environment where you are comfortable. Ideally, your home is a great place to start. Or Airbnb’s have loads of options. We can organise a location that suites your style.

How do I prepare for a photo shoot
  • Eat! There’s nothing worse than a hangry human.
  • Pamper yourself, perhaps a massage or waxing do it a couple of days before.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Load up on healthy fats. Your skin will thank you for it!
  • Rest up, Get lots of sleep.
What not to do before a photo shoot
  • Spray tan. This stuff has a way of sinking into the little creases of your skin, creating an uneven or blotchy appearance.
  • Wax or shave immediately before your session. These processes can sometimes cause inflammation, drawing undue attention to your bikini line or underarms.
  • Wear anything you don’t feel comfortable in.
  • Hesitate to over-pack. We love options!
  • Wear tight clothes before the session – jeans and bras sometimes leave marks on your skin


One of our packages don’t suit? Contact us to discuss your photography needs.



2 hours Photography

Single location session at your home or provided location

Up to 2 wardrobe changes

Your choice of 12 hi-resolution photos provided digital



2 hours Photography

Single location photography session at your home or provided location

Up to 3 wardrobe changes

A A4 photo book, including your choice of a 20 hi-resolution photos
Photos are also available by a downloadable link



8 hours of photography.

Glamour make up

Up to two locations for your shoot. Within the Melbourne Metropolitan area
** Airbnb’s or motels organised by us are additional cost

Up to 5 wardrobe changes and

You receive all the hi-resolution with photos

Your choice of a A3 Calendar or a 20 page A4 photo book.
60cm x 90cm Floating Canvas Print

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